Tamara Jade Performs Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" and Gets a Four-Chair Turn - The Voice Blind Auditions

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The Voice

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Tamara Jade performs "Cuz I Love You" during The Voice Blind Auditions.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country to compete in the show’s newest season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton for Season 19. Carson Daly returns as host. The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, and the Live Performance Shows. During the Blind Auditions, the decisions from the musician coaches are based solely on voice and not looks. If a coach is impressed by the artist’s voice, he/she pushes a button to select the artist for his/her team. The singers with the lowest number of votes will be sent home each week. In the end, one will be named “The Voice” and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract.
Tamara Jade Performs Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You" and Gets a Four-Chair Turn - The Voice Blind Auditions
The Voice

Cantero Parias
Cantero Parias 11 минутын өмнө
WHO did she pick??? OMG I need to know
LunaLondon 19 минутын өмнө
And all the other Blind Audtions are blocked for my country. Thanks for nothing!
Donut 25 минутын өмнө
Who’d she pick
The Crab Company
The Crab Company 27 минутын өмнө
I am soo confused by the comments posted 😂 Whom did she pick for real?
afutla qian
afutla qian 38 минутын өмнө
the power at the beginning! the softness at the end! the growling in the middle! she really can do everything!
samsul krisdazana
samsul krisdazana Цагийн өмнө
Hei.. for some reason, i cant play all of the audition from season 19 except this video.. Anyone have the same problem?
Henry Griffiths
Henry Griffiths 2 цагийн өмнө
Does anyone know who she chose
Joycelyn Wilson
Joycelyn Wilson 3 цагийн өмнө
Jhud would throw them shoes
Joycelyn Wilson
Joycelyn Wilson 3 цагийн өмнө
J hud would throw them shows
Jonathan Piper II
Jonathan Piper II 3 цагийн өмнө
The judges reactions distract from the performance for me. Like yes she’s hella good! But let’s focus on her singing please!
alex blankson
alex blankson 4 цагийн өмнө
I want John Legend’s jacket NEOWWWWWWWW
Meka Johnson
Meka Johnson 4 цагийн өмнө
The show is over....Tamara won!!!🙌🏾
Chosen One
Chosen One 4 цагийн өмнө
LifeWith Bianka
LifeWith Bianka 4 цагийн өмнө
Her vocals were just so clean throughout! 👏🏽👏🏽
Cn L
Cn L 4 цагийн өмнө
Who did she pick I must know 😍😍😍
Baharudeen Tayuan
Baharudeen Tayuan 4 цагийн өмнө
SPOILER . . . . . . . . JOHN
BreezyGirl YT
BreezyGirl YT 4 цагийн өмнө
Who did she pick
Baharudeen Tayuan
Baharudeen Tayuan 4 цагийн өмнө
SPOILER . . . . . . . JOHN
Dallas Carter
Dallas Carter 4 цагийн өмнө
*She say I hope my edge's not betraying me they will rise up against you 😭☠️*
M͓̽a͓̽w͓̽M͓̽a͓̽w͓̽13 4 цагийн өмнө
There’s the winner for this season ♥️
silvrliit 5 цагийн өмнө
What a lovely diverse voice! Great way to start the night guys! Congratulations!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✨
Kevin Kuo
Kevin Kuo 5 цагийн өмнө
This would be the PERFECT contestant for J-Hud, hands down
Ruslan Wardani
Ruslan Wardani 5 цагийн өмнө
It's Bananas ba-na-nanasss LOL
SILAS HUCKABY 5 цагийн өмнө
I feel bad for Carson he doesn’t have anyone to see to stand with him
TheKa35 5 цагийн өмнө
She's coming for John's EGOT. This lady is SUPER talented. Legit could sing anything, anywhere, anytime.
Tee Murrs
Tee Murrs 5 цагийн өмнө
Soooooo what was Gwen listening for exactly? Damn she used to be cool. Dont pick Gwen or her hubby. Please.
Karyn Taylor
Karyn Taylor 6 цагийн өмнө
my favorite so far!!
Catarina Magalhaes
Catarina Magalhaes 6 цагийн өмнө
she picks John
Erika Johnson
Erika Johnson 6 цагийн өмнө
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 6 цагийн өмнө
Ashley Morgan
Ashley Morgan 6 цагийн өмнө
Ok, I've watched this audition about 20 times so far. She is so freaking amazing I just can't get enough of her cry!!!
Sadarshan Bains
Sadarshan Bains 6 цагийн өмнө
BTW, if ur wondering, she picked John
James Groff
James Groff 6 цагийн өмнө
L Jeffcoat
L Jeffcoat 6 цагийн өмнө
Erinki B.
Erinki B. 6 цагийн өмнө
In case you’re wondering, She picked John!
Tess Davies
Tess Davies 7 цагийн өмнө
omg i love her
SERPHA OFFICIAL 7 цагийн өмнө
mnpost.info/zone/r7aagqqyp8ikpaA/video Artists fro the voice are working indeed 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SERPHA OFFICIAL 7 цагийн өмнө
mnpost.info/zone/r7aagqqyp8ikpaA/video Artists fro the voice are working indeed 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson 7 цагийн өмнө
I’m not impressed. Too much screaming.
gin rob
gin rob 7 цагийн өмнө
Gwen don't need to be here she look lost as hell!!!!Please don't pick Gwen she can not pick good songs She is the worst
Mizuka Young
Mizuka Young 5 цагийн өмнө
Well she picked great songs for Rose Short and Myracle but that's pretty much it.
Nevermind *_*
Nevermind *_* 7 цагийн өмнө
every Lizzo's song is powerful what do I expect? every single head will turn y'all
Music Lover
Music Lover 7 цагийн өмнө
And the winner is....
BeginingOfSorrows 8 цагийн өмнө
Come through PG COUNTY!! Yes Maryland! #DMVartist #DMVsingers
Anika Moore Dorsey
Anika Moore Dorsey 8 цагийн өмнө
Tamara GIRLLLLL. I am so proud of you my love. Congratulations on EVERYTHING YOU DESERVE IT ALL BABY 💚💚💚💚💚.
Noobo 8 цагийн өмнө
im telling yall right now if i see her in instant save during top 8 and she loses in the finale, i'm done
Nolan Designs
Nolan Designs 8 цагийн өмнө
No audience being there is just not the move. Doesn't feel the same.
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 8 цагийн өмнө
When Kelly says she is going to the finals......believe her. Yep. 😃
robertantonnyc 8 цагийн өмнө
Wow wow Wow! Love her energy, so infectious and those strong vocals with so much nuance. She is definitely a contender. #TeamLegend!!
America’s Got Talent Fan club ft The truth hurts
America’s Got Talent Fan club ft The truth hurts 8 цагийн өмнө
Tamara Jade Performs Lizzo’s "Cuz I Love You" Judged By Brett Douglas LINK: mnpost.info/zone/g8zLhJuWg6eUhno/video
Artistic Boy
Artistic Boy 8 цагийн өмнө
If u wanna who she picked She picked John legend as her coach you can thank me later
Anthony Jordan
Anthony Jordan 9 цагийн өмнө
I started crying at the ending of her performance. I felt that last note when she at that note when she vibrates her vocal cords. Whenever a singer makes me cry after a performance I see star quality all over her and I can tell she has a story to show us!💯
O jestic
O jestic 9 цагийн өмнө
Who did she pick?
Erinki B.
Erinki B. 6 цагийн өмнө
Echaka Monjok
Echaka Monjok 9 цагийн өмнө
I’m still just in shock. DANG!!!! She is extremely talented, and killed this performance!
STAR 10 цагийн өмнө
Imagine the second Liza 😍
Jason Cousins
Jason Cousins 10 цагийн өмнө
Ok something to look forward to!
Tom Rivera
Tom Rivera 10 цагийн өмнө
Kelly and you will win. 😊
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz 10 цагийн өмнө
Blake is the last original coach remaining on this show!
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey 10 цагийн өмнө
I hope she knows that she sings it better than Lizzo.
Marie Cyprien-Taylor
Marie Cyprien-Taylor 10 цагийн өмнө
Amazing vocals honestly xx
Patricia Jenkins
Patricia Jenkins 11 цагийн өмнө
I'm actually getting sort of used to, and LIKING quarantine TV. We get to see folks, in their true environments. Like the fam on the couch jumping for joy in this, or newscaster/Zoom mishaps. Maybe it's just me... Or I'm just a voyeur.
Ella Davies
Ella Davies 11 цагийн өмнө
kelly's face the whole time the girl was singing! and that girl can sing!
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 12 цагийн өмнө
I had no shame to say that I had the stank face the whole freaking time for her.......😂 Loved loved loved her Performance 🤘🏽❤️
Dyllon J
Dyllon J 13 цагийн өмнө
Abay Dulom
Abay Dulom 13 цагийн өмнө
Oh my god the power of her vocals literally killed me... In Love ❤❤❤with her voice, u truly deserved that four chair turn.... 😘
me shycasc
me shycasc 14 цагийн өмнө
the only thing i'd work on her, is her voice volume, she has power but the high notes are hidden somewhere and doesn't sound as punchy as they should.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 12 цагийн өмнө
This lady just ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozes "STAR"
Muhammad Zikrullah Rusli
Muhammad Zikrullah Rusli 14 цагийн өмнө
Her talent is amazing, OMG! Unfortunately she’s not gonna win this competition unless she is white and singing country. Not gonna lie, I watch the show from the first season and it will happen again in this season.
Mo Love
Mo Love 14 цагийн өмнө
You betta😝😝😝😝
julio cesar pereira stuqui
julio cesar pereira stuqui 15 цагийн өмнө
This is winner performance... But I know eua choice in the finale ... sad
M Powered
M Powered 15 цагийн өмнө
Honestly I would love to see the multi talented Jamie Foxx as a coach.
Jamie Reed
Jamie Reed 15 цагийн өмнө
She went to the same Performance Arts School I went to. I’m so happy for her!
Unax Alokys
Unax Alokys 15 цагийн өмнө
It looks just like The Voice Brasil 🤩
Aryan Manjhi
Aryan Manjhi 16 цагийн өмнө
I want her to win 😢❤️ she's literally replying to each and every comment 😢❤️ sooo nice of her
Elijah Schwartz
Elijah Schwartz 16 цагийн өмнө
Go with you go on Gwen or John
W K 17 цагийн өмнө
I loved Kelly's facial expressions
maria thais
maria thais 17 цагийн өмнө
Her face when gwen told that she could teacher her to rap is priceless. Like "girl, you're white"
jackson4socks 14 цагийн өмнө
Gwen is... SMH
L Fugazi
L Fugazi 17 цагийн өмнө
My anxiety spiked so high jus now 😦😨😂 I already can’t wait to see the rest of her performances 🙏🏾🥵
Tammy Crutchfield
Tammy Crutchfield 17 цагийн өмнө
Damn she's good and they know it... they're allow black people to be voted on but don't allow us to win!!!😥😥😥😥
Tammy Crutchfield
Tammy Crutchfield 14 цагийн өмнө
@jackson4socks /True
jackson4socks 14 цагийн өмнө
Those damn country artists seem to sweep it, and I don't know why.
LovelyLadyBumps1974 17 цагийн өмнө
PG County Represent!!! Proud of this lovely lady and wishing her much success. She has my votes!!!
X D 18 цагийн өмнө
She was ok It was to over the top for me
Steve Feinberg
Steve Feinberg 19 цагийн өмнө
This lady just ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozes "STAR"
A H 19 цагийн өмнө
Anyone remember Donna Allen from season 5 ? She's like an upgrade version of Donna.
Jubert Ong
Jubert Ong 19 цагийн өмнө
She will go far in this competition and will give us incredible performances but she wont win. A country or pop white good looking young boy or girl with an average voice will win this thing. Sad.
LekaB. 19 цагийн өмнө
all creepy🤤
Psychic Bubblegum Man
Psychic Bubblegum Man 19 цагийн өмнө
She is between good and great. Not a star .. Just my opinion...
Traci Sanders
Traci Sanders 20 цагийн өмнө
I must be the only one that didn’t think she was incredible, good, but not incredible.
Arsi V
Arsi V 21 цагийн өмнө
M.C 21 цагийн өмнө
Poor good singer, I dont know, I feel sad for her, I feel like she's a really good singer but in a show that has not yet produced mega stars. I'm talking about hundreds of incredible singers that have been on this show. There's something missing but idk.
Darryl Carter
Darryl Carter 15 цагийн өмнө
Don’t worry I am sure Kelly Clarkson will take of that.
Dorela Corej
Dorela Corej 21 цагийн өмнө
She is the winner.
Dorela Corej
Dorela Corej 21 цагийн өмнө
Jesusssss🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 she is an a monster 🤯🤯😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😮😮😮😮
Debra Hudson
Debra Hudson 22 цагийн өмнө
Why is she hiving me Serena William vibes? Hmmm...
Aaron Bernard
Aaron Bernard Өдрийн өмнө
Yeah that was BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!
kayemen415 Өдрийн өмнө
Why is Gwen Stefani back ? She is not really relevant at the moment
Marc Popo de marc_music
Marc Popo de marc_music Өдрийн өмнө
Hell Yeah that is SINGING!!!!!!
Quinny Dan
Quinny Dan Өдрийн өмнө
Sister said your edges will rise up against you... ain't that the truth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lydia Brisco
Lydia Brisco Өдрийн өмнө
"I hope my edges are not betraying me. Because they will rise against you"! So funny but so true 😄😄😄. By the way..... GREAT voice!!!!
Quinny Dan
Quinny Dan Өдрийн өмнө
John, i need your jacket please
Cordial man
Cordial man Өдрийн өмнө
Wow. They really waited until her first breath before she said who she was gonna pick as her coach....I'm not mad...promise.
Azumi 93
Azumi 93 Өдрийн өмнө
Where's Nick?
7O Өдрийн өмнө
Where is the other Audition I can’t wait
Nala Washington
Nala Washington Өдрийн өмнө
Mama Aku
Mama Aku Өдрийн өмнө
Look at the talent! With the potential to win. But that’s not going to happen right? Cos Black women will come on this show, sing the roof off and house down and still they don’t win. PS: I just had to get this off my chest cos like clockwork it always happens. It’s sad.
Bah Saff
Bah Saff Өдрийн өмнө
Yall related to Kyla Jade? Cz both of you snatched my wig off to neptune eventho i aint got wigs on
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