Manziel Mania, 9 Straight Pro Bowlers Picked, & More! | 2014 NFL Draft 1st Round

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kicka11 Өдрийн өмнө
Michael Irvin talking up Manziel is hilarious
clark loeffler
clark loeffler Өдрийн өмнө
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clark loeffler
clark loeffler 2 өдрийн өмнө
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Jon Keng
Jon Keng 7 өдрийн өмнө
This tell you the head and heart worth way more than "talent"
Nasir TV
Nasir TV 9 өдрийн өмнө
" better athlete with better hands" mayock on Eric Ebron.... not for the lions
Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson 9 өдрийн өмнө
But Miami never got lineman for tannihill 🤦🏾‍♂️
Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson 9 өдрийн өмнө
Got dame.. Watkins was a beast 😆
Zach 11 өдрийн өмнө
They all missed on the goat Davante
dsscam 12 өдрийн өмнө
Wish I could go back in time -and tell these guys Tom Brady is about to go to 5 more Super Bowls in the next 7 years after the age of 37 and win 4 of them-including 1 with #7 pick Mike Evans as the QB for the BUCS in his 1st year out of NE and are the favorites to win it again in 2021.
dsscam 12 өдрийн өмнө
This Draft is one huge example why teams should NEVER trade UP!! NEVER!!
johnnydalegend bhangal
johnnydalegend bhangal 12 өдрийн өмнө
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Dolphins All Day
Dolphins All Day 17 өдрийн өмнө
4:06 LMFAO
Guitar Goon
Guitar Goon 19 өдрийн өмнө
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Ozil Gzbsj
Ozil Gzbsj 20 өдрийн өмнө
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Thomas H
Thomas H 20 өдрийн өмнө
Clev could haved kali mack
James Dickerson
James Dickerson 22 өдрийн өмнө
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Zack 23 өдрийн өмнө
You know what's the definition of torture? when your weapons and teammates in college gets drafted first than you (Manziel)
Zack 23 өдрийн өмнө
9:23 me when imma bout to walk on stage
End my life
End my life 25 өдрийн өмнө
“A better athlete with great hands.” That aged well.
Vincent Russell
Vincent Russell 26 өдрийн өмнө
Haha I think it's funny that johnny manziel an brady quinn both got pick by the browns with the same pick 1rd pick 22 in the same way and they both had the same career a very shitty one🤣🤣🤣all that hype for Nothing
RHETT BELL 26 өдрийн өмнө
Mario Williams and Jadeveon Clowney's career trajectories are so similar, its like the same player a decade apart
Mandy Williams
Mandy Williams 27 өдрийн өмнө
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Dominic Tan
Dominic Tan Сарын өмнө
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LupusWarrior Gaming
LupusWarrior Gaming Сарын өмнө
Thank God the Cowboys didn't draft Johnny Manziel
Cal L
Cal L Сарын өмнө
Ryan Shazier 😢
Cal L
Cal L Сарын өмнө
Did Mike Mayock just compare randy moss to Johnny manziel?
Benjamin Hoff
Benjamin Hoff Сарын өмнө
I was just getting into the NFL draft at this time and only saw Manziel post Heisman 2013 where he was good but clearly not nfl qb. Looking back it feels unreal that damn near every analyst was mocking him to teams that already had good QBs like Romo/Palmer. Small, bad decision making, undisciplined, drug and party addict, not special athletically, weak arm.
JOE G Сарын өмнө
Lol 😂 Johnny menzial all hype Wasted pick
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Сарын өмнө
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Larry Litmanen
Larry Litmanen Сарын өмнө
People are focusing on Manziel, how about Clowney. He is a first overall pick and frankly never was great.
Isaac Poe
Isaac Poe Сарын өмнө
as a steelers fan i cried when i heard shazier
Richard Lantz
Richard Lantz Сарын өмнө
Johnny Manziel show turned out to be a complete waste of time
Ninjatech 4
Ninjatech 4 Сарын өмнө
Call me Johhny Futbol lmao
Ninjatech 4
Ninjatech 4 Сарын өмнө
Johnny Manziel look like he was depressed on the phone with the browns lol
Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch Сарын өмнө
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Golden griZZ
Golden griZZ Сарын өмнө
Wow the Raiders fans didn't boo
micah Сарын өмнө
"and there is the the texans war room" combine everyones iq there and it wont reach triple digits
demeco west
demeco west Сарын өмнө
So the Texans could've had Aaron Donald and JJ Watt on the same team
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry Сарын өмнө
Ngl Clowney is a bust, especially when you look at the defensive beasts that were taken after
Koolaidman9900 Сарын өмнө
He’s underrated But he’s not living up to number 1 hype
Alex Mathew Mendoza
Alex Mathew Mendoza Сарын өмнө
Apparently they had to hold Jerry Jones back with all they had to keep him from drafting Johnny Manziel.
Tyson Madding
Tyson Madding Сарын өмнө
Browns sucked this draft
Senan Hanna
Senan Hanna Сарын өмнө
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nvrules27 Сарын өмнө
Take a shot every time Rich eisen mentions Johnny Manziel and you’ll be blacked 10 minutes in
Super Man
Super Man Сарын өмнө
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Glockness Monster
Glockness Monster Сарын өмнө
Martin by far was the best pick of this draft. Only other guy even close is Donald. 2 future first ballot HOFers easily
nick wagar
nick wagar Сарын өмнө
SMFH just imagine the lions having stafford throw to calvin John and odell beckham was so close but nope they pick they pick Eric drop the ball ebron instead lol
Jenny Grapert
Jenny Grapert Сарын өмнө
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ryan hannigan
ryan hannigan Сарын өмнө
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Michael Raad
Michael Raad Сарын өмнө
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NickEscobarFilm Сарын өмнө
Some of the best football talent in the last decade were taken in the first two rounds of this 2014 draft and somehow the Eagles took Marcus Smith and Jordan Matthews
MR7 MR7 Сарын өмнө
I genuinely thought he would say at 24:52 : the only issue is sometimes when they run the ball he is already at the quarterback waiting for the sack
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 2 сарын өмнө
My old roommate went to high school with Johnny Manziel he said that kid was a piece of s***
shawn parker
shawn parker 2 сарын өмнө
*Bengals select Darqueze Dennard* “Thats a good pick”
Aj Sessions
Aj Sessions 2 сарын өмнө
Donald bum... Johnny ... Legendary
D A N N Y 2 сарын өмнө
This draft had soo much and my redskins had no pick😖
D A N N Y 2 сарын өмнө
Brown really traded away from Mack only for the bills to still not pick Mack.
nathaniel light
nathaniel light 2 сарын өмнө
All of this speculation for someone so so shit 😂
kyle l like the smith
kyle l like the smith 2 сарын өмнө
And now in hindsight...thank God they took Zack Martin
David Whang
David Whang 2 сарын өмнө
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David Whang
David Whang 2 сарын өмнө
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Jack Sandler
Jack Sandler 2 сарын өмнө
1st pick- Clowney- underachiever/2nd pick Robinson- drug addict/drug dealer loser/ 3rd pick- Bortles- Failure 4th pick-Watkins- 2nd tier receiver they got rid of quick/ 5th pick-Mack- great player-traded/6th pick-Matthews - good pick/7th pick- Mike Evans GREAT PICK- Super Bowl Champ/ 8th pick - Browns failure #1- Gilbert- complete waste/ 22nd pick- Manziel- biggest waste of all time. Browns finally made all the mistakes disappear in 2020 with Coach of the Year- and should've beat overrated Chiefs in playoffs. Browns- Bucs would've been better Super Bowl as Browns would've beaten the Bills in 2020 AFC Championship Game
Devin Senter
Devin Senter 2 сарын өмнө
Idk if anyone noticed but on the bears pick he said with the 14th pick in the nfl drive
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson 2 сарын өмнө
30:05 It's funny to hear things in hindsight. Jerry would have gotten it wrong again.
celso manalo
celso manalo 2 сарын өмнө
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Chris Nunian
Chris Nunian 2 сарын өмнө
Ayo they compared manziel to Russ??
Sauce Monstar
Sauce Monstar 2 сарын өмнө
all the browns fans were getting hyped up about manziel 😂
german arrowood
german arrowood 2 сарын өмнө
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Kirk Bowles
Kirk Bowles 2 сарын өмнө
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Akiva Birnbaum
Akiva Birnbaum 2 сарын өмнө
wow remember ryan shazier
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom 2 сарын өмнө
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Easton Lee
Easton Lee 2 сарын өмнө
I am so glad the cowboys picked Zack Martin over Johnny Manziel
Lyrical Assailant Music
Lyrical Assailant Music 2 сарын өмнө
Imagine if Mack had gone instead of Clowney.
Marszalek 2 сарын өмнө
Jake Matthews and Mike Evans made Johnny Manziel look really good in college. They ended up having great careers while Manziel was out of the league in 3 seasons.
Sr Groot
Sr Groot 2 сарын өмнө
Also Manziel was a drugs kid
Andy Loy
Andy Loy 2 сарын өмнө
Mayock: Ebron is like Vernon Davis! Less twitchy, more athletic, better hands Me in 21’ 😂😭
Maxwell Patterson
Maxwell Patterson 2 сарын өмнө
You watching this shit too?
Kal OBrien
Kal OBrien 2 сарын өмнө
Better hands then vernon Davis Ebron lol
Jesus Esparza
Jesus Esparza 2 сарын өмнө
How they have those jerseys with the players names so quick
Regular Black guy 1998
Regular Black guy 1998 2 сарын өмнө
The Johnny football hype was real back then
Steval204 2 сарын өмнө
Still blows my mind that all the highly paid NFL execs and their brain trust couldn’t see the glaring character flaws with Johnny manziel.
sam henzler
sam henzler 2 сарын өмнө
Man I miss shazier..
My Other Car Is A DeLorean
My Other Car Is A DeLorean 2 сарын өмнө
Why are these dudes always on the phone during their name being called? Seems kinda doochie
James Scialdone
James Scialdone 2 сарын өмнө
Rich eisen is hyping up Manziel so mich
Mwl Persaus
Mwl Persaus 2 сарын өмнө
I’m so happy Ryan Shazier is ok
Texas 817 Coop
Texas 817 Coop 2 сарын өмнө
Johnny manziel will clean up his act and will be a future HOF'mer for the Cleveland browns..MARK MY WORDS!!!, Show ME THE MONEY!!
AnthonyChic 2 сарын өмнө
I’m so happy Jerry didint take Jonny Manziel.
luke walters
luke walters 2 сарын өмнө
Only if we took Mack. We’d have Mack and Donald😭
Georgia Woolley
Georgia Woolley 2 сарын өмнө
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Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey 2 сарын өмнө
newJersey jets
Johnny Sanchez
Johnny Sanchez 2 сарын өмнө
Dam little did they know abt a kid named baker mayfield was otw 😭😂
Slash racing productions
Slash racing productions 2 сарын өмнө
Clowney is a total bust.
Carlos V
Carlos V 2 сарын өмнө
#shalieve 😭😭😭
Jeff Zemeida
Jeff Zemeida 2 сарын өмнө
Eric Ebron over Aaron Donald...smh Lions
ProfDrmedRasen 2 сарын өмнө
What is a Johnny Mansell?
ItsHeilige 2 сарын өмнө
Khalil Mack westwood highschool alum
Andrew kim
Andrew kim 2 сарын өмнө
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John Carry
John Carry 2 сарын өмнө
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Gavin S.
Gavin S. 2 сарын өмнө
Man I miss Shazier, amazing player and an amazing person, get well soon. We Shalieve
Hunter Warner
Hunter Warner 2 сарын өмнө
Anyone here after Manziel won his fourth consecutive MVP
J Zh
J Zh 2 сарын өмнө
Yup he is good with his 7 rings
Brody Miller
Brody Miller 2 сарын өмнө
43:09 nope.
The Best Of Best of word
The Best Of Best of word 2 сарын өмнө
dcarl789 2 сарын өмнө
Zach Martin was a great pick for the cowboys !! But Johnny wanted to play and stay in Texas I wonder if his career would’ve been different had he gotten to play where he wanted, I also think his bad habits would’ve pushed him out of the league. Big what if’s .
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