Sada Baby - Whole Lotta Choppas [Remix] ft. Nicki Minaj (Lyric Video)

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Sada Baby

Sada Baby

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Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix) Lyrics
[Nicki Minaj]
It’s the Queen Sleeze
Nine months motherfuckin’ pregnant like what
(I’m bool)
Sada waddup?

Ooh, lil’ nigga wanna try it
I told him Black Lives Matter, Im’a riot
Ooh, ass fat I had to buy it
Ain’t a nigga alive that’s gon’ deny it

This nigga makin’ me feel erotic
Uh, he a freak like Giannis
To be honest, I hope one day we do a play date with Adonis
Ooh! I’m bout my cake, get your bakin’ on

You don’t want that real smoke, get your vapin’ on
Egg whites, turkey bacon on
Ain’t in a restaurant, but I’m the bitch they been waitin’ on
(Tag) Gotta pop tags, bitches stuntin’ in them hand me down bags

It’s sad
Burberry plaid, you in that drip that I already had
They wanna see you do yo’ dance, do that thing poke out them pants?
If it don’t then I got plans

Bam! Just got a summertime tan
Scram! We just puttin’ dollars on yo head
Niggas violain the gang gon end up dead
Lady in the street, but a freak hoe in the bed
Choppa on him that’s my shooter in the red

Lil’ nigga cant keep my pussy out his hands
Fuck a last minute, gotta book me in advance
Been a bad girl and I’m tryna get spanked
Pretty lil’ body, but my face look stank

I be in a truck that cost your whole house
Bitches imitate me but don’t come close
If you want to celebrate the best then come toast
Bitches ain’t saying nothing, but doing the utmost

Heard he wanna chew on my edible panties
Even when I tell him see you tomorrow he can’t leave
Got the Off-White sneakers, rockin’ a tan weave
When I come out, grab Simba, it’s a stampede

[Sada Baby]
Ohh, Lil’ bitch wanna ride it
Told the bitch don’t get out her body
Hmm, get right beside me
I’ma get in that thang, get to slidin’
This bitch making me feel erotic
Huh, she gotta get on this rocket
I don’t give a fuck about her mileage
And her grandmom related to the Winans
Ohh, that’s the shit that I like
You a church girl, bitch you like Christ
Mmm, you ain’t never had pipe, least not this kind
I’m a fuck you all night, off a perc hmm
Off a perc pack, leave a bitch wit the hurt back
Go to work, where the work at
My young niggas wakin up serve that
They wanna see me do my dance
In these thousand-dollar pants
Don't disrespect me and my mans
BAM, whole lotta choppas on your ass
Scram, we just putting dollas on your head
Snitchin ass nigga gave his momma to the Feds
Lil’ Brother, big brother, Sada got the dreads
dz, Dt Sada keep the bands
Lil’ bitch can’t keep her pussy out my hands
Got a real hoodrat, Suki on my hands
I be stackin blues roll of Tookies on my ass
I be in the Bay rollin’ cookies on they ass
I be in the nellas g weed gave me his blessing
Cause Sada can’t be jealous off weed, I’m never stressin’
I can see the booty from the bottom, that thing a double decker
Let my white boy shoot that thang, he Sam Dekker
Heard you used to chew on that thing, Hannibal Lecter
Have you poppin’ all them pills like Heath Ledger
These drugs ain’t a joke, my nigga, I’m just tellin’ you
Yo manager got you on a shelf n he sellin ya

#SadaBaby #NickiMinaj #WholeLottaChoppasRemix

D Burt
D Burt Цагийн өмнө
The geek freak Nicki Minaj
Eric TV
Eric TV Цагийн өмнө
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“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀
Omg Again
Omg Again 2 цагийн өмнө
Nicki ☺️😊
Mya .,.
Mya .,. 2 цагийн өмнө
Reesii Odom
Reesii Odom 2 цагийн өмнө
Sorry Sada Baby this the QUEEN Song Now 🤸🏿‍♀️🎯🤷🏾‍♀️‼‼
PALantir 2 цагийн өмнө
Anaconda to billion!!
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania 2 цагийн өмнө
Its Pierre
Its Pierre 3 цагийн өмнө
This Nicki’s now
Corey Gooch
Corey Gooch 3 цагийн өмнө
FEATURING : NICKI MINAJ .. I’m buying 🤑🦄
Tazz Mania
Tazz Mania 3 цагийн өмнө
Keep Streaming BARBZ
Niyaunna Jones
Niyaunna Jones 3 цагийн өмнө
Lxcid Fxrgot
Lxcid Fxrgot 3 цагийн өмнө
Ngl I dont like nicki but this is fire
Lil Markie Time
Lil Markie Time 3 цагийн өмнө
They are DEFINITELY freezing views🤸‍♀️
Jarvis Young
Jarvis Young 3 цагийн өмнө
Samira Tv
Samira Tv 3 цагийн өмнө
The Queen 😍
Aidan 3 цагийн өмнө
we need this niki
Kanem Cameron
Kanem Cameron 4 цагийн өмнө
Why nicki kill this tho
Bianca. 4 цагийн өмнө
i swear this was at 1.8 mil yesterday
Luis Kailash
Luis Kailash 4 цагийн өмнө
c c
c c 4 цагийн өмнө
Yes love this
OfficialTish 4 цагийн өмнө
So this is where it came from.
Velma's Glasses
Velma's Glasses 4 цагийн өмнө
Egg Whites , Turkey bacon on !
SHEEK STARR 4 цагийн өмнө 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Let's go 1M OF LIKES
Omg Again
Omg Again 2 цагийн өмнө
Are you guys gonna dance to this?
Albert Hicks
Albert Hicks 4 цагийн өмнө
Good feat with the Queen! 👊🏾
Gianni Park
Gianni Park 4 цагийн өмнө
love it
Loneden Palima
Loneden Palima 4 цагийн өмнө
nicki is back,Periodt!
Isabel Tadesse
Isabel Tadesse 5 цагийн өмнө
lawrence chandler
lawrence chandler 5 цагийн өмнө
Ayye thsi shit is lit
Philly Phil
Philly Phil 5 цагийн өмнө
Danae Riley
Danae Riley 5 цагийн өмнө
She said her baby name🤗🤗🤗
mike 22
mike 22 5 цагийн өмнө
she killed it
Robert Wrona
Robert Wrona 5 цагийн өмнө
Life's Too short to not like this song
Brandon Delgado
Brandon Delgado 5 цагийн өмнө
Love that for her🔥🔥
danzel ronn
danzel ronn 5 цагийн өмнө
Is it only me or this beat sounds like anaconda??? ✨
Khaled Zoubiri
Khaled Zoubiri 5 цагийн өмнө
Onika 🥰🥰, the best, hottest, greatest, queen of rap 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂,errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Blazyn 5 цагийн өмнө
It’s a vibe, oh yes!
Its_dripxsYt 5 цагийн өмнө
If y’all feature nicki on a song she just claimed your song she just out rapped your song
Chun Lee
Chun Lee 5 цагийн өмнө
She did Nicki Minaj ft. Sada Baby!! Queen sh1te
WingStorm 6 цагийн өмнө
*Who couldn't stop moving to the beat* 🙋‍♂️😂
Asiyah Muhammad
Asiyah Muhammad 6 цагийн өмнө
someone do a TikTok on this as a sound. I wanna see how creative yall are.😂
Nicky Nice
Nicky Nice 6 цагийн өмнө
she's so good at Flippin someone's shit. im still not over how well she line for line bodied meeka and drake's goin bad. love how she flipped sada hooks here.
isabella 6 цагийн өмнө
nicki BODIES every single song shes in
Jas Know
Jas Know 6 цагийн өмнө
So glad the Queen went first! Don't have to listen to the whole song before starting it over to hear her verse again.
Kae Walters
Kae Walters 6 цагийн өмнө
I'm sorry...this song has me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
B T 6 цагийн өмнө
Nicki finally admitted she bought her booty! 😱😱😱
Shanta Campbell
Shanta Campbell 6 цагийн өмнө
It feel like Nicki Ft Sada on his track.....She skated all over this song!! Ong
Chloe Liu
Chloe Liu 6 цагийн өмнө
If you can't recognize her voice, either you're deaf or you never herd of her
Shaquam Connell
Shaquam Connell 6 цагийн өмнө
Who is seeing her?🤷🏾‍♂️👑
DLPRO GAMING 6 цагийн өмнө
Hip hop went from having "lils" to now "babys"...
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 6 цагийн өмнө
Nicki came back to slay #loyalbarbz
Tech By Will
Tech By Will 6 цагийн өмнө
Nicki needs quirky beats like this.
Robyn McSwain
Robyn McSwain 7 цагийн өмнө
she came, she ate and left no crumbs.
Icey Washington
Icey Washington 7 цагийн өмнө
Baby got back vibes!!! Queen Nicki never disappoints! Purrrrr 🦄💕
Boo Talisa
Boo Talisa 7 цагийн өмнө
Pretty body but my face look stank???
Kilo Based
Kilo Based 7 цагийн өмнө
She be goin on god
Amera Janaé
Amera Janaé 7 цагийн өмнө
I don’t like Nikki that much but she ate that shii😂
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
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Shamerya Brush
Shamerya Brush 7 цагийн өмнө
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
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DJShawtySwagVEVO 7 цагийн өмнө
Lit 🔥
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
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Cherry Hill DIO
Cherry Hill DIO 7 цагийн өмнө
Ain't gonna lie I ain't a nicki hater but this aint it
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
we did a reaction to this song on our page come check it out ♡︎ .
Akuma Bison
Akuma Bison 7 цагийн өмнө
Haters: Nicki can't rap. Nicki Minaj: 9 Months Mthfkn Pregnant like what? Hold my breath.
Savage Tobi
Savage Tobi 7 цагийн өмнө
Hamish King
Hamish King 7 цагийн өмнө
She did that, she ain’t going no whereeeeee
westlee swipe
westlee swipe 7 цагийн өмнө
Im just gonna say it who cares.. Nicki is the best female rapper of all time.. There has never been a female rapper this nice, or one to even last this long, and still be relevant, let alone last this long plus being this nice while remaining relevant with no worthy halfway decent talent equal good or even close enough to be recognized as competition.. You definitely have to put some respect on her name.. There will probably never ever be another female rapper quite this sharp and nice.. Let alone Dominate so effortlessly for soooo long like this.. Truly a once in a lifetime talent that we are lucky enough to witness.. btw i am not even a nicki fan, im just a fair observer of obvious clear common points from the audience pov.. Not even Queen Latifah, MClyte, Lil kim, Roxanne, rage, dabrat, lauryn, whoever you feel like name dropping doesn't matter.. Bcuz no female has been this alpha dominant and survive this long and reign as long as Nicki.. Idc about what she did before or what she is into or yadadaaydda or whatever, all i know is she is doing some historical shit in a testosterone driven culture.. So all clout chasing aside just looking at the music only.. I believe all women rappers should salute pay homage and respect Nicki as the QUEEN of Rap as she rightfully is.. Truth be told, the only reason yall even eating is bcuz everybody is looking for the next NickiMinaj .. She actually earned the right to be cocky arrogant and Hollywood bcuz she is actually Dominating the female side of the worlds number one genre of music..... And has been for a very long time.. Mariah, Whitney, Patti, Aretha even beyonce all have or had some type of competition.. What is that?.. 10 years plus with no competition?.. I just gotta call it how i see it
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
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Shae Garcia
Shae Garcia 7 цагийн өмнө
Nicki son will see how influential she was to rap game. She is a very skilled artist. #NickiMinaj
NoFrenNo 7 цагийн өмнө
boy that song funny as hell
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
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vontay vereen
vontay vereen 7 цагийн өмнө
She snap
Ma’Eshaaa Bleu
Ma’Eshaaa Bleu 7 цагийн өмнө
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
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Kefrez_Mondo23 Gamiing
Kefrez_Mondo23 Gamiing 8 цагийн өмнө
Everytime Nicki minaj is in a she owns it 💅
MR.100X 8 цагийн өмнө
Lil kids waiting for the part like:👁📱👁
Nicole Janae
Nicole Janae 8 цагийн өмнө
D&T GANG 7 цагийн өмнө
we did a reaction to this song on our page come check it out ♡︎ .
S B G 8 цагийн өмнө
I hope DREEZY does this remix... she prop won’t tho 😞
Classy Behavior
Classy Behavior 8 цагийн өмнө
“I told him Black Lives Matter I’m the riot” STAN NICKI
AmeenUchiha 8 цагийн өмнө
westlee swipe
westlee swipe 8 цагийн өмнө
So we really gon sit here and act like Nicki aint the female 🐐 ghostwiter or not she still the baddest female spitter.. Bar none.. The only female that can own any rapper on his own song.. The only rapper who can remix any single and make it hot all over again, instantly solidifying them as legit classics (rae sremmurd, youngthug, etc) and she been doin this for how many years 6,7,8??.. I've seen actual legit careers come and go in between her ritual blessing cosigns.. No shade to her bcuz at least she is really blessing those songs frfr wit topnotch a1 gradeA topshelf exclusive verses and bars every damn time.. Wether you are a fan or not, you gotta give her the credit she rightfully earned and still deserves to this very day.. Nicki is still sexier than manly megan, nicki sounds like a sexy female, with Drake's pen.. Miguelthestallion sounds like slimthug with boosie or webbie's pen(on her best day) ... No disrespect to anybody.. But nm lemme just .... ✌
Coop Doop
Coop Doop 8 цагийн өмнө
She did not have to go that hard
Sharae's Universe
Sharae's Universe 8 цагийн өмнө
Here before 2M , Whole Lotta Streaming Whole Lotta Streaming Whole Lotta Streaming Whole Lotta Streaming
Rj Johnson
Rj Johnson 8 цагийн өмнө
Nicki the female goat 🐑
Nvincible1977 8 цагийн өмнө
My new workout jam!!
R W 8 цагийн өмнө
How many times does she need to murder a song like this to get her props?
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia 8 цагийн өмнө
He didn’t need this feature this is all ready a hood classic
Cristian Cartier
Cristian Cartier 8 цагийн өмнө
This a whole bop
No Name
No Name 8 цагийн өмнө
I usually don’t even fw remix’s but this right here 🤣🤣🔥
Jerry Akhimien
Jerry Akhimien 8 цагийн өмнө
Is Nicki Minaj even Human.... ...Queen for ever
Leena Mumin
Leena Mumin 9 цагийн өмнө
ayyyeyeue kill it girlllllll dammnnn
Slim Thee
Slim Thee 9 цагийн өмнө
Big biz💪🏽
Jupitxer Stars
Jupitxer Stars 9 цагийн өмнө
Im glad these comments arent hating on nicki like usual.. shes been rapping for a long time and i get it shes 37 but shes actually a really sweet nice person and she'll be a great mother
jazier hammoed
jazier hammoed 9 цагийн өмнө
Detroit bitch we made it!!!!!!!
Morgan Prather
Morgan Prather 9 цагийн өмнө
M4verik 9 цагийн өмнө
Always tryna feature on somebody song, she need to be getting ready to have her baby 😪
yesgirl period
yesgirl period 9 цагийн өмнө
niki stole this song
ett zin
ett zin 9 цагийн өмнө
Nicki quenn of rap 😍
Anaconda to 1 Billion
Anaconda to 1 Billion 9 цагийн өмнө
Belinda Allen
Belinda Allen 9 цагийн өмнө
nicki murdered this whole song
Dance 9 цагийн өмнө
Ahmad_S Art
Ahmad_S Art 10 цагийн өмнө
Don't STOP support Nicki Minaj This song deserves the best y'all
Alexis Gonzalez
Alexis Gonzalez 10 цагийн өмнө
The queen of rap🔥
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