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EVERYTIME i do this stuff (drums) i struggle with the stucked breake lines and bleeder valves :/ Last time i was fighting over two days with a line completely stiffed to the cylinder. Even when i was very careful and had the break line spanner it was just impossible... Two days of heating, careful smashing and pliers rolling... ugh :(
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good job bro really proud of u of all u have done to teach every single one of us on how to fix and take care of our own vehicles because now a day a lot of mechanics just want to rip us all off and say its one thing or the other or they just want to guess about the problem and get money out of us glad to have someone like u bro keep up the good work. and maybe a good idea of how things ae made for all those that just see a block maybe alot of people really dont know how engine blocks are made🧐🎥
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Honestly one of the most thorough video's of replacing a car part I have ever seen. Great work man. Keep it up.
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Same problem with my mazda5. Took it to the garage, they want to replace the belts, plus tensioner pulley and the water pump... WTF
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is that a supra!? 16 цагийн өмнө
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Looks good.. i would have cleaned the battery bus bars in the vinegar w the nuts n re-installed. Only because copper is a better conductor.. less resistance n less heat.. a much better option than the provided replacement steel bus bars.
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I liked everything except how he crushed that last ground wire with the nut. Use a ring terminal for goodness sake.
Tyge Wellman
Tyge Wellman 17 цагийн өмнө
Hey Chris, I'd like to hear an update about this fix. Because, depending on the materials used, these plastic ties don't last long in the 🌞sun and they snap. I know because I used black ties to repair the plastics on my scooter. After a short while they started snapping on their own. and I have a girlfriend across the street who wanted me to do this type of repair on her car and I told her it was a bad idea. Am I wrong?
andyu69 17 цагийн өмнө
Had a look, springs totally worn to nothing, no return springs at my shop, so threw in some bouncy balls, got a week of good running, then started to go rough again, can you send me some, as it's a pain to change each week.
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Pha Nguyen 17 цагийн өмнө
Chris, I am wondering does the process make the clear coat on the car thinner or the polish and wax filled it? sorry if my question sound silly to some of you
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Are you able to wire these up to use as backup lights but with an additional auxiliary switch
Tyge Wellman
Tyge Wellman 17 цагийн өмнө
I'm glad I saw this video, because I've never done a chip repair before and was going to just fill it with super glue. I was going to do that super glue, add a little baking soda, a little more super glue, a little more baking soda, till it was full. Then scrape it off with the razor blade. From your experience, is the super glue and razor blade method a good or bad idea?
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Dorin Vladareanu 17 цагийн өмнө
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The way I see it, Chrisfix is the Chef John of car repairs, maintenance, customs, and cleanup. Think about it. In those videos specifically, the majority, if not the entirety of the videos focus on the work being done. We rarely see Chris himself unless it’s because he’s moving things around mid-shot or just for the sake of demonstrating the effects of his work (such as a good reflection). Chef John works the same way with his videos on Food Wishes.
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