P L Минутын өмнө
Not meaning any offense, but what's the deal with the tiaras? They stick a tiara on every bride's head. I was going to ask if it's a British thing but these people are in Australia. I am also plus size and love how this shop has lots of selection for girls like me.
Siren BIJ6HLP Минутын өмнө
So surprised to see her getting married at 19 and here in my country sooooo many girls get married at like 12,13,14 or so year. Many of them don't have a choice but many do it willingly, heck they even run away from home and elope. My 16 year old cousin left home and eloped just last year
Dipsikha Saha
Dipsikha Saha 2 минутын өмнө
She did look very pretty.
Dino Saur
Dino Saur 3 минутын өмнө
hell no i would have kicked her out so fast i'm not having that bullshit
Sherry Islam
Sherry Islam 7 минутын өмнө
Mom is great. Nice looking lady.
Ruby Desuze
Ruby Desuze 7 минутын өмнө
Wdf is with the mom 😳 omg......
Jiya Bhatia
Jiya Bhatia 11 минутын өмнө
Or just get one customized yeah ??
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Daisy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Daisy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 13 минутын өмнө
This is literally the most unproblematic family I have EVER seen on this show-
Yin Yang
Yin Yang 13 минутын өмнө
I lost my mother to brain cancer last year although i am married 17 yrs now but that hug reminded me of my last day with her before i leave the country ...may all moms in heaven be happy and peaceful 😭😭😭😭
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 14 минутын өмнө
I love the spark in her eyes she is most definitely a beautiful bride
MoMo Meditation
MoMo Meditation 17 минутын өмнө
She's such a sweet girl!
moochi _
moochi _ 19 минутын өмнө
im so sorry but the bride look's older then the mom sorry! :(
fanofmany71 19 минутын өмнө
I know this is a REALITY TV show but if traditions were THAT IMPORTANT to dad, he would have stuck to his guns. People like him should say that they are CONVENIENTLY traditional or don't say that you're traditional at all. Comes across as hypocritical - just say that you support whatever your daughter wants because it's really about them and not you... but it's a REALITY TV show and they have to take long route to show/say that otherwise it would be a very short show.
Thi Luong
Thi Luong 20 минутын өмнө
are we gonna ignore the pic of the bride casually wearing a qipao? 👀
Greer Stirling
Greer Stirling 20 минутын өмнө
That's one knock-knee'd screeching ball of nothing.
Greer Stirling
Greer Stirling 24 минутын өмнө
I feel like paying to have your nose look like a stick of butter on your face is so, "NNNNOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!"
Exhibit Cooks
Exhibit Cooks 25 минутын өмнө
The perpetual softdrink intrinsically found because string unintentionally list without a weak loss. pathetic, black-and-white police
Crazy Daisy
Crazy Daisy 26 минутын өмнө
The mum is friggin annoying
Caroline Kompier
Caroline Kompier 26 минутын өмнө
Emily looks like a million sooo beautifull
Chunyan lin
Chunyan lin 28 минутын өмнө
The girl: he’s better then u And how the boy walks like him is so funny
Georgia Mann
Georgia Mann 29 минутын өмнө
I would really love to show everyone on here our wedding pictures! It was so much fun to do say yes to the dress! Do whatever makes you happy and don’t listen to what anyone else says!❤️
Mrs Naeem Khan
Mrs Naeem Khan 30 минутын өмнө
The bride and her mother is soooooo quet
bodybalancer 32 минутын өмнө
It really suits her & the theme perfectly, they did a nice job for this bride 👍☺️✨
Patience Seevers
Patience Seevers 34 минутын өмнө
The toxicity in that family sickens me. The dads alright, everyone else sucks.... why? It costs literally nothing to be supportive..
Mohini Dubey
Mohini Dubey 34 минутын өмнө
First of all why is she so desperate to please that man !!??? Why ??
Kayla •
Kayla • 34 минутын өмнө
the dress looks way better on ternary and on the other girl it looks aii
troye x
troye x 35 минутын өмнө
Tamisha iman is that u
scheep wijn
scheep wijn 37 минутын өмнө
Why being so mean¿ The second dress just wasnt good for her, im skinny and even i have dresses that dont look good on me, everybody got that kind of problem, not only this beautiful bride. So stop comparing people with things that just disgusting skinny,short,long it doesnt matter there will always be something that fits your body. Some people really cant handle being laugh at so be kind to each other its not that hard
Empty Space
Empty Space 37 минутын өмнө
i think this is the most beautiful bride i’ve seen on the show 😚 she pulls off everything perfectly and i’m in love with the dress she ended up choosing
Ixi A
Ixi A 41 минутын өмнө
Wtf those family is wierd 😱
Kriti 42 минутын өмнө
Why didn't they put on foundation to cover up the tattoos
Sandra Vyhnalikova
Sandra Vyhnalikova 44 минутын өмнө
this bride was so cute :)
Genesis Lindeman
Genesis Lindeman 45 минутын өмнө
She’s a terrible mother
Genesis Lindeman
Genesis Lindeman 46 минутын өмнө
Yea I’d get banned from that place😂 I’d mess someone up
Cece Granados
Cece Granados 47 минутын өмнө
Say yes to the “over the budget” dress
Pamela Toney
Pamela Toney 48 минутын өмнө
I just love Monte and Lori
Betty Bordello
Betty Bordello 48 минутын өмнө
god who says anything negative about a wedding dress that someone’s a month away from wearing 😵😵😵😵
Arnila Muminin
Arnila Muminin 49 минутын өмнө
Honestly, who can beat Gox in putting our bride in her most confident way? Most people will support bride’ decision to lose some weight in order to gain more confident. But Gox promise that the bride will look amazing in her current as she is. This make me cry.
Hanine Sassine
Hanine Sassine 49 минутын өмнө
Her mom looks like a karen
Ismi Hafsari
Ismi Hafsari 50 минутын өмнө
She is really mature for a 19 years old. Maybe thats why she decided to get married.
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 51 минутын өмнө
No dress is worth losing my friend over if its for something as important as her spiritual belief then best believe she will get a floor length strap dress my bff is far more important then any dress
Shona Griffiths
Shona Griffiths 51 минутын өмнө
She walked out of there like a.queen. If I was her I wouldn't even have them at the wedding.
D'Andrea Tittle
D'Andrea Tittle 52 минутын өмнө
i literally cried when the mom said i love u
P L 52 минутын өмнө
I loved the dress she chose. It looked great on her and especially with her hair color. It's really nice to see a shop catering to plus size brides and having lots of options. Usually you get one or the other.
Jules Becker
Jules Becker 52 минутын өмнө
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 53 минутын өмнө
The third dress is beautiful
U R 54 минутын өмнө
I hope she wore the veil because it really complimented her dress and she really looked beautiful. It's not how you only feel but also you need look what you want to feel.
Manjot Sanghera
Manjot Sanghera 54 минутын өмнө
Istg if that was my sister I would’ve slapped the shit out of her.
Olivia Kearns
Olivia Kearns 54 минутын өмнө
What episode is this
Gloria Abondo
Gloria Abondo 55 минутын өмнө
Yiu know how much we can eat with $7000😂😂😂
nekologie 55 минутын өмнө
Pool girl.
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 57 минутын өмнө
The first dress is amazing❤️❤️❤️
sweet clasps
sweet clasps 58 минутын өмнө
Sooo scripted🤣🤣
Manisha Sinhababu
Manisha Sinhababu 59 минутын өмнө
If you go dress shopping and your first thought is , I need something to look old enough to do it .... then definately you are not old enough to marry ... IT's marriage not a pass to a club ,